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Aromatherapy is more than just pleasant scents from a bottle. It is using essential oils, oils that are the essence of plants in order to promote physical, spiritual and mental well-being. It also encourages use of other natural ingredients and products such as herbs, clays, exfoliates, waxes, rubs, incenses and oils. 
Where Does The Oil Come From?

All plants contain molecular gases. Through the processes of distillation and evaporation, these molecular gases, which proponents of aromatherapy sometimes refer to as the plants’ “life force” or “essence” (hence the term essential oil) these gases break down into liquid form.
It can take thousands of flower petals to create one small bottle of essential oil.
Is aromatherapy safe for everybody?

For the most part, yes. But certain populations should avoid the practice or at least ask their physician if it’s OK to use essential oils as an adjunct therapy. 

This includes pregnant women, those with asthma and other respiratory diseases and allergies, as well as those with epilepsy and high blood pressure.
Vaporizers, sprays, diffusers, steam inhalation or breathing in a soaked cloth are some of the ways medical professionals or massage therapists administer essential oils.

Scented candles may also include essential oils, though candles may contain synthetic oils.
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